Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Monday, July 28, 2014

I am an idiot.....

How are you my wonderful family?? Oh my goodness I want to cry right now...I just typed a whole letter and it deleted before i had the chance to send it...I seriously am dying right now....I had so many things to say and I just botched the whole thing! I am so sorry this email is going to be so lame, but oh my gosh I am so sorry. I feel awful! I wrote this whole email about everything that happened this was such an incredible week! Oh my gosh...I am so sorry!!!! I seriously could cry right now!

well I guess I will just write a little blurp of what happened....first thing, I love and miss you all. I missed Nauvoo so much this week! Remember the condo we stayed in? Remember how it smelt like supreme pizza? hahaha Remember the beautiful Nauvoo temple? Remember Jennings? hahahaha Remember David Archuleta coming? Remember playing soccer and ultimate frisbee in the rain? Remember teaching the highland fling and sweating to death in our pioneer dresses? Remember district meetings with John and singing "Called to Serve" everyday...GO BAPTIZE!! Remember the Lyon's and the Larsens #bestfriendsforever Remember eating treats at Grandma and Grandpa Bitner's house after the pageant? Remember the fireflies and chiggers? Mom remember running in the morning around the temple and being SO SWEATY? hahaha Remember our yellow cast t-shirts? Remember Nauvoo Pageant in a flash? But most of all, remember the spirit we felt? Remember the people we got to know? Remember Carthage? Remember walking down Parley Street? Remember how sad we were to leave? Man, if that's anything like what heaven is going to be, I am going to do everything I can to get back! My testimony of the restoration of the gospel was solidified during that summer. I love Joseph Smith. I know he was a prophet and am so grateful to him for his faith and courage. Thank you so much mom and dad for letting us do that!

Tuulia's kids have baptismal dates! It's for August 30th I wrote all about the story....oh my gosh I can't believe I deleted that letter....but I am so excited for them!!

I don't have time to write anymore....I will write about this week and last week next Monday if I can...I am just so terrible sorry. Not that anyone pines over my letters, but I love that you all know what is going on! I guess it happened for a reason, but know that I am doing pretty well! Just plugging along. I have been frustrated with how slow work is moving's hard not to think that is a direct reflection of me sometimes. I am the trainer. I am "in charge" and ever since that happened, the work has slowed down. I know it's dumb to think that way. I am doing my best, but I just feel like my best isn't enough sometimes. I was praying the other night and I was frustrated when the thought came to my mind, "What if the reason the work has slowed down is so that you could be there 100% for Tuulia and her kids? isn't that enough?" I realized then and there that is enough. They mean so much to me and I am so excited for them to be baptized!

I wrote this whole letter about how much I love all of you and all of the things that happened this I am super bummed right now, but above all, know how much I love and care about each one of you! You are the most wonderful family in the world and I am so grateful I have you! I really am so sorry about the letter...hopefully you don't all lost interest by next week and forget I used to write letters...I am just kidding...I just put so much into these letters...on Sunday night I write down a list of all the things I want to share. But things happen...good lesson to learn...always save your letters. But I love you all so much and hope you have the most wonderful week ever! You are the best!!

Rakkaudella, Sisar Bitner

P.S. Something Finnish....their doors open the opposite way of ours. Like they open out instead of in. It's really awkward when your next door neighbor and you are trying to get into your door at the same time. Also, their front doors usually have an outside door and an inside fact for the day...I am way sorry this is probably the lamest thing you have ever read! I love you all though!! 

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